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About Laurie Brecheen-Ballard and Her Art
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hat I’m trying to do with

my sculpture is to capture these moments. To ride a great horse jumping, you are flying - a great horse running, you are fast. The partnership between horse and rider makes you one, together able to fly without wings. My work expresses that melding of the best of human and animal - an essential athleticism, emotion and spirit that I have been fortunate to experience.

ome equestrian sculpture leaves

me empty. In the details of tooled saddles and perfect manes, I long for the soul, spirit and synergy of the animal and its rider. My vision is to strive for the magic that remains when you boil away all the excess. When you reach that essence, it is pure, rare, compelling. That’s why I founded the Essentialist School of Sculpture, and perhaps why my workshops have been so successful. I never ask my students to do someone else’s literal interpretation of the horse. Instead, I suggest they close their eyes and feel the sculpture on a visceral level. The work that comes out is spectacular.

ometimes the art world is harsh.

Some would like to make me feel uncomfortable with my work because I don’t have a degree from a prestigious art or design college. But, I believe the people who collect my work and commission me to do monumental sculpture projects benefit from the fact that I have not spent my entire life in the art world. Owning a successful business for 20 years taught me how to manage projects and protect integrity, to be a responsible professional, to take care with people’s hard-earned money, and communicate effectively throughout.